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The Prisoner - Resistance [Chapter 1 / Interlude]
You wake up to your mother's voice; "Aiden! You're gonna be late, get up already!" She is probably downstairs. But if that was anybody else, you would think that person was in your room by the volume of her yelling. She is a mother after all. And you are the kid, so you better get up before she shows up. Sitting on your bed, you are trying to clear the fog of sleep from your eyes. Liri Asima's naked body is right in front of you, as a poster. The best scene to fall asleep for a kid at 7th grade. Now you better go wash up. If she sees the state of your room, she will make you clean it even before the school. Is that a new pimple? Oh damn... Like senior year wasn't hard enough, you also need to handle these inconveniences. Growing up is hard. Just wait until you are 16, no public transport restrictions, no curfew, no adult escort everywhere. You will lose your allowance but who cares, you can earn your own money and spend it as you see fit. "I'm coming, stop yelling!". You better dress u
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The Prisoner - Burden [Chapter 1 / Part 3]
For a moment, just for a moment you think “Burn them all!”. You just want to destroy them. Not because they are in your way, but because you can. You can pour all the pain, all the hatred you have inside to your mouth and say the words; “Do it”. And it would be easier too, kill them and run through the empty corridors… You can’t do it. You just can’t do it while there is an alternative. Whoever they are, you can’t do it. You need the fire inside you to do what you set out to do. Nothing is more important than that. And you were the best in this kind of thing for years. Now you are going to accept defeat? You are the best, even after all that time, even without equipment. And you still have one thing in your tool belt. Shepard’s eyes…
“We will wait until the lights are off. We do not need chlorine.” You said it with complete authority. It felt like in the old days, making decisions and giving
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Mature content
The Prisoner - Shock [Chapter 1 - Part 2] :iconcommunalstory:CommunalStory 0 0
The Prisoner - Distractions[Chapter 1 / Interlude]
It is radio-silence. But that doesn’t stop your mind to wander on the right side of your hip, on your radio. Every little noise make you wonder if there are some new orders or… anything really. You’ve never felt this uneasy about a mission before. It is even worse than your first time on the battlefield. Maybe they will call you and your men back. Breaking radio- silence would put some of your men in a really dangerous situation surely. They are your men, your responsibility. Maybe they will call you all back in a second, just maybe… No. You need to focus. It is vital. You have your orders. Your men have their orders. Everyone will do their jobs, and everyone w-… not everyone… Your men will leave safely, another job done properly. It is time to do your job.
Ok, you are in the main corridor. There should be a couple lightly armed soldiers patrolling around here, if the intelligence reports hold true. But when they were wr
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Mature content
The Prisoner - Hell [Chapter 1 / Part 1] :iconcommunalstory:CommunalStory 0 0


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After considering the state of our DA page and the nature of DA interface, it is decided that we post the parts of stories, before a chapter is done, on our DA page along with our web page. It seems it will be really too long to read on DA if we publish it as chapter by chapter (more than 10000 words a chapter, maybe even 20000).

However, polls to choose the next step after every part will still be on the web page and ONLY on the web page. This is just to share the stories with the DA community. You can also use Wattpad (…) to read if you are more comfortable with the interface.

With that out of the way, Turkish translation for part 2 is almost completed and you still have time to vote on polls till 02.24.17 Friday. A new part should be up either next Sunday or Monday. And expect DA posts in a couple of days. 

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter ( for news and some extra background music :D
The Prisoner continues! Part 2 of chapter 1 is up on the blog. This one is fairly long but do not be discouraged, it is full of action and reveal. You have until friday to cast your vote on Colonel Berg's decision.…

Also, check out our Twitter or Google+ for updates and some more background music (oh, you're gonna love those epic soundtracks)…
Thank you for your patience!…
Because it became too long with both the dream and the continuing adventure, we decided to publish the dream as an interlude post. It is not compulsory for the main story, however it gives some insight to the main character's past. In any case, we are sorry for the delay and enjoy!
I know it's been some time since last post on blog. Really sorry about the delay and don't worry, it will be up shortly.
Now we are on DeviantArt! All stories will be published here ONLY after a chapter is completed. If you want to take part in interactive choices, check out our blog page.
Hello there, I am Linean. You can call me Lin. I am the spokes-person for Communal Story and everything posted in our social media is always posted by me (unless it stated otherwise). I even post most of the stories on the blog. And today, I just wanted say a couple things about how I, personally, look at the story-telling aspect of our stories.

First of all, story-telling is not writing a story. Well, of course the story itself is part of the story-telling but it's not all. Let me explain how I see it. For me, story-telling is not telling 'what happened to you', it is explaining 'how did you feel'. That is the main difference. So if you completely focus on finding the right connections, following the best pattern and such, then what you are trying to say wouldn't be as impactful as you thought. Because you are just trying to find the best accident without defining 'the best'. Like I said, story itself is important and its importance comes from it being the medium to put all the feelings. It is like the color in a drawing, or the instrument in a musical piece. But before you go on with the story, you gotta ask; what feeling do I want to share?

When I start writing a new thing, my inspiration generally comes from a character. I see something, I hear something and suddenly I am someone, this core of a person. Then I ask to myself, how do I feel? Or how do I want to feel? Either of those worked very well for me in the past. Obviously, that is just my process. Yours could be completely different. However the bottom line remains, it is completely about the feelings. And it is not just writing. Any art form carries it within. Honestly, I think musicians are the ones to get this better than the others. I guess it's because it is more obvious for them. I mean, if something you hear doesn't stir up some feelings inside you, then it is just noise.

Alright, back to the topic. Everyone knows that art is about feelings, I feel bad even by stating that :D So what is the connection to the story-telling. Story-telling is not choosing the right words or writing poetic. Story-telling is not writing the best story. It is not choosing the perfect song or painting the most life-like scene. Story-telling is delivering the feeling you want to deliver and doing it exactly when you want to do it. There is no right feeling or wrong feeling, it is just about what you want to share, what you want to feel or what you want your character to feel. There is no perfect time for that impact either. Again, it is about when you want to feel that or when you want to share that with the audience. If you want to share how you felt when you lost something or someone so precious to you as everything was perfect in your life, and maybe you realized it wasn't that perfect because you were delaying the things you love and that loss made you realize it, then you make your character, in the middle of the battle right when the horns of glory echo through the battlefield, watch his son killed by a retreating soldier's blind spear-throw. So the readers, who made a connection with the character through his feelings toward his son as they were shared in the previous pages, feel like they swallowed a rock. Maybe they can never feel like you did but it is close enough to make a connection. Isn't that why we write/draw/compose? To share, to communicate, to connect. That is why we feel so good when we meet someone who went through the same thing in life. We know we are not alone. And for me, that is why we do art. Either to not feel alone or to make someone else not feel alone.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple thoughts as I try to define story-telling for my own curiosity. I hope this entry can give someone something, anything. And if not, then thank you for allowing me to share my feelings :D 

My love and respect,


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